Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Eastern Exterior Wall Systems Building Information Modeling Technology

Premium Technology to Enhance Process and Quality

BIM is sophisticated technology linking a database of critical project design information with three dimensional digital models of the building skin and structure. Practicing BIM, EEWS provides accurate 3D illustrations enhancing collaboration about important details between the project’s architects, designers, engineers, constructors and vendors.

EEWS realized the power in this process and began its journey into BIM years ago. During the past decade, EEWS worked closely with Revit Architecture and others to fully utilize this software technology to drive improvements in exterior wall construction.

BIM technology is enabled by powerful CAD programs, which give exterior wall systems “intelligence.” “Intelligence” enhances traditional two-dimensional (2D) drawings because the wall system’s elemental components are backed by a database about physical and functional characteristics such as spatial relationships, height, width, fire-rating, cladding type, waterproofing, connections, etc. and can be expressed in easily understood 3D illustrations.

Wall details can easily be compared allowing conflicts (“clash detection”) or changes (e.g., dimensions, structural interferences, etc.) to be discovered and viewed in 3D. Immediately solutions can be developed and details revised assuring greater accuracy in the development and approval of shop drawings. This is “getting it right” early in the process.

Today, EEWS has fully adopted BIM and boasts an in-house group of managers, engineers, and drafters proficient in its use. While EEWS’s experience in designing and coordinating exterior wall systems has long preceded BIM technology, its  implementation helps us support architects, owners, and construction managers as they develop projects.

As more and more construction projects mandate the use of BIM, EEWS will stand as the leader that can expertly deliver this exciting method of virtual construction.