Our Distinction

Unique Building Exteriors Prefabricated Specifically to Meet Your Needs

Team Approach Remains Edge for EEWS Customers. During our four decades in pre-fabricated wall design, manufacturing, and installation, EEWS has developed a proprietary Workflow Process, a proven methodology assuring our customers the highest levels of service and quality.

Every EEWS project begins with the appointment of an in-house team of experts whose mission is to care for each customer by meeting and exceeding expectations. The in-house core team is led by a project manager experienced in exterior wall systems and general building construction who provides continuity from beginning to end of the project. Other team members include an engineer skilled in pre-fabricated design, a manufacturing manager with deep knowledge of craft technique and fabrication quality, and design technicians proficient in our powerful CAD technology. The core team meets weekly providing important feedback to our customers.

While the benefits of prefabrication may be offered by competitors, the integrated team methodology remains an EEWS niche. This approach gives customers the maximum benefit by bringing EEWS’ value-added capabilities to the project; management experience, design excellence, and manufacturing quality. The earlier EEWS is brought into the process, the more the benefit to the customer.

EEWS designs quality into every system it builds. Beginning at the conceptual stage of a project, the team assists the architect, construction manager and owner with development and coordination of important exterior wall details. Using powerful software and state-of-the-art CAD programs, our in-house team creates a highly detailed 3-D virtual building model (BIM) for interactive use by the extended project team. Working with the model makes communication among team members faster and more accurate. This 3-D model generates a working set of shop drawings saving time, enhancing accuracy, and building quality.

The modeling process is a basis for our manufacturing proof of design to assure error-free finished products.

Management continuity, provided by our project manager who oversees the entire process from the time of first engagement through installation onto the customer’s structure, is key to our high level service.

From our in-house managers, professional engineers, designers, and detailers who provide seamless integration of design, to our carpenters, plasterers, tile setters, and masons, who physically build our products in our shops, to our field installation crews, the people of EEWS are committed to delivering excellence to our customers.