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Modeling (BIM)

BAM South

Eastern Exterior Wall Systems provide Gasketed Prefabricated Mega Panel Facade for BAM

  • City, State: Brooklyn, NY
  • Architect: Ten Arquitectos and Ismael Leyva
  • Finished Cladding Material: Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) and Crystalline Glass Stone
  • System Type: Rainscreen with Gasketed Mega-Panel Joints

Description: According to architect Ten Arquitectos, the new BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) South mixed-use building will serve as the gateway to BAM and the newly developed cultural district. Comprised of approximately 220,000 sf of ACM and nearly 16,000 sf of crystalline glass stone, the complex geometry of the façade was achieved through 3D modeling and highly skilled craftsmen. Because the entire exterior walls were manufactured as panels in a climate controlled facility, EEWS was able to ensure a high level of precision and quality demanded by such a high-performance application.