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Bausch & Lomb World Headquarters

Successful Bausch & Lomb Tower Eastern Exterior Wall Systems Installation

  • City, State: Rochester, NY
  • Architect: Fox & Fowle Architects
  • Finished Cladding Material: Granite
  • System Type: Barrier

Description: Rochester-based eye care giant Bausch & Lomb is the world's leading supplier of optic pharmaceuticals and vision care products like sunglasses and contact lenses. For their world headquarters, Bausch & Lomb required a visually spectacular entryway that would stay on the eyes and the mind long after entering the building while providing a solid anchor to the city's famous One Bausch & Lomb Place. EEWS supplied its prefabricated system for the first five floors of the Main Tower using a combination of "rock face," flamed, and polished surface finishes on the granite. Truss frames fabricated from cold rolled shapes with traditional kerf and clip attachments provided the stone support in an ideal, lightweight method of delivering the clean, sleek facade of large stone pieces.