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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

The Children's Hospital Philadelphia Expansion Used Eastern Exterior Wall Systems

  • City, State: Philadelphia, PA
  • Architect: Kohn Pederson Fox, Ballinger, Robert D Lynn Associates
  • Finished Cladding Material: Aluminum Plate, Aluminum Composite
  • System Type: Barrier

Description: Known as CHOP and considered one of the leading pediatric hospitals and research facilities in the world, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia today boasts a contemporary, first-class campus. EEWS' role in the campus expansion consisted of its prefabricated aluminum plate systems for the exterior walls of all new construction and field applied aluminum plate and aluminum composite for recladding portions of the existing structure. EEWS' prefabricated systems require no lay down space which made it the ideal solution for a project such as CHOP where all work was severely restricted by site space issues. Bold vertical aluminum plate clads a stair enclosure completed in a nearly inaccessible space.