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Sands Resort Casino

Eastern Exterior Wall Systems Unique Building Exteriors for Sands Resort

  • City, State: Bethlehem, PA
  • Architect: RTKL
  • Finished Cladding Material: Aluminum Composite, Brick, EIFS, Profiled Aluminum
  • System Type: Rainscreen, Barrier

Description: The Lehigh Valley's first casino, Sands Resort Casino Bethlehem sits on property once owned by former steel giant, Bethlehem Steel. To pay homage to the area's history and the former land owners once prominence as the largest steel manufacturer in the world, the architect's design replicated huge, mega-steel industrial-style buildings. With a tight construction schedule and intricate design, many of the projects challenges were solved using EEWS's prefabricated wall panels resulting in a visually stunning, expansive casino resort that opened on time and honored Bethlehem's industrial past.