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The National

Historical Urban EEWS Unique Building Exterior for The National

  • City, State: Philadelphia, PA
  • Architect: Barton & Associates Architects
  • Finished Cladding Material: Brick, EIFS, GFRC
  • System Type: Barrier

Description: Situated in the heart of densely packed Olde City, just across from one of the nation's oldest residential streets, sits The National, a multiple-building 10-story condominium complex. Development demanded two primary considerations - blending the property's look to the bordering historic neighborhood and construction in extremely limited, inner city space constrained by surrounding existing buildings. EEWS' prefabricated systems require practically no lay down space, so they are the perfect solution for a quality on-time installation. The brick, EIFS, and GFRC walls gave historic and charming character to The National, melding it in perfectly with its surroundings.