Eastern Exterior Wall Systems, Inc. was born from the need to provide high-quality, single-source, efficient exterior EIFS enclosures to a growing construction industry, specifically the rise of the casino development in Atlantic City, NJ. Throughout EEWS’s four decades of existence, we have continuously improved on our original product.

We have grown through many technological advances, additional cladding options, and enhanced enclosure performance, designing our panels to suit the ever-evolving world of construction. This means listening to you, our partners, and providing you with solutions that not only look great but outperform every expectation. Most recently, this has included developing our gasketed panel-to-panel weather joint which extends the available range of EEWS’s high-performance prefabricated solutions.

From its inception over 40 years ago, EEWS has been proud partners on projects that have changed the skylines of major metropolitan areas and contributed to the growth of communities in the Northeast region of the United States and beyond.


Our vast experience becomes your asset

When you engage with our team, you not only gain their experience, you become part of the fabric of EEWS. This means that you receive the full depth of EEWS’s knowledge, history, and experience. With an average employee’s tenure exceeding 15 years, you have access to centuries of prefabricated construction experience.

Throughout our history, we have meticulously worked with many building envelope consultants and testing facilities, ensuring that when you partner with EEWS you are securing industry-leading quality and performance.