All Metal Cladding

Lightweight and contemporary, metal facades are a popular choice that can accommodate a variety of design intentions. All metal claddings from EEWS feature light-gauge steel-framed panels that are factory fabricated to offer significant quality advantages over field installations.

With weights as low as 12 pounds total per square foot, metal-clad wall panels can reduce substructure costs.

Thin Brick

Thin Brick Facades

A perennial favorite, thin-brick facades are designed to be as durable as their full-brick counterparts, but with weights up to 75% less.

Fabrication in EEWS’s climate-controlled shop avoids the added cost, time, and safety concerns of scaffolding, site congestion, and weather-related delays associated with field-applied masonry.


Lightweight Insulated Finish

Lightweight and economical, an Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) façade offers unmatched flexibility and creativity for architects and designers. As the original continuous insulation system, EIFS wall panels meet stringent energy code requirements while reducing the load on the substructure.

A major building material in the U.S. since the 1960s, EIFS is a popular low-cost, high-quality finish system. EEWS has been a premier applicator of EIFS since their inception when they pioneered the techniques for panelization of EIFS facades.


Panelized Stone

Elegant, natural, and durable, stone lends itself well to exterior use as either a feature and accent material. From the classic beauty of granite to the earthy finish of limestone, to the versatility of cast stone, EEWS collaborates with architects and designers to engineer and build a beautiful, high-quality panelized stone system.

When utilized as a full façade, stone’s durability is unrivaled, and it will last a lifetime without losing its color or luster from direct sunlight exposure. An EEWS prefabricated stone panel can provide you the look of traditional handset stone with a fraction of the cost, time and weight typically associated with job site constructed, full dimensional stone.

Terra Cotta

Natural Clay Tiles

Terra cotta tile lends itself well to both modern and traditional architectural styles. The natural, clean lines of terra cotta tiles provide an enduring, bold look.

Terra cotta is a natural clay product with color that stays permanent even when exposed to direct sunlight. There are buildings in the U.S. with 100-year old roofs made from the same fired clay that still look and perform as well as when they were built.

Additional Materials

Wood, Porcelain, and More

We offer numerous exterior cladding options beyond our basic materials. From beautiful metal facades using copper and stainless steel, to wood composite and porcelain tile exterior panels, custom designs are our specialty. Additionally, we provide louvers, sunshades, and an abundance of additional exterior cladding options.