Cornell Tech Residential Building 1 East Loop Road, New York, New York 10044
Location: 1 East Loop Road, New York, New York 10044
Architect: Handel Architects
Finished Cladding Materials: Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) and Fiber Cement
System Type: Barrier System to meet Passive House Requirements

Working on the “World’s Tallest Passive House Project” is an honor in itself. This was an enormous challenge, one that EEWS met head-on with great enthusiasm. Collaborating with the architect, wall consultant, and Passive House consultant, EEWS was able to develop the details and construction methods necessary to achieve this high-performance prefabricated wall system. Covering nearly 150,000 sf, the ACM mega-panels were delivered to the site as a complete exterior enclosure system inclusive of triple glazed operable windows. Upon final blower-door testing, which confirms the airtight properties of the enclosure, the building outperformed expected levels that were 25% of the allowable airflow rate, ensuring Passive House certification.