Third Square Apartments 285 Third St, Cambridge, MA 02142
Location: 285 Third St, Cambridge, MA 02142
Architect: CentraRuddy
Finished Cladding Materials: Aluminum Composite, Profiled Metal, Terra Cotta, True Stucco
System Type: Barrier Rainscreen

Surrounded by some of the nation’s premier institutes of higher learning as well as modern hospitals and businesses, Third Square Apartments boasts a variety of residential living space right in heart of a thriving community. The challenge for this building facade was to ensure the end result would blend with both the traditional and more modern elements of the city. EEWS used four cladding materials – terra cotta, true stucco, profiled metal and aluminum composite – to accomplish an integrated look. The bold look of terra cotta is striking against the more subdued adjoining materials while true stucco captures the essence of the traditional architecture and is a stable complement to the high-tech appearance of aluminum.